15" Wrap Skirt

15'' Wrap skirt. Rolled hem finish. Fabric: 100% polyester. Style: Pre...
CA$ 36.00

Allegra. Sleeveless Mesh Back

Allegra Sleeveless Leotard. Naked V shaped back with mesh insert. Fabr...
CA$ 58.00

Boy-Cut Leotard

Boy-cut leotard/biketard has a princess seam bodice with a sweetheart ...
CA$ 48.98

Bright & Shiny Leotard

Tank leotardCombination of plain metallic fabricsCoolmax® gusset
CA$ 50.00

Camirole Unitard

CA$ 59.00

Cap Sleeves Ballet Cut Leotard

Cap Sleeves Ballet Cut Leotard
CA$ 29.98

Cap Sleeves Leotard

Cap sleeves ballet cut leotard. Light colors feature a memorySTRETCH f...
CA$ 22.98

Cap Sleeves Leotard With Kara Lace

Cap sleeves leotard with Kara lace. Shelf lining. Fabric: 88% nylon, 1...
CA$ 72.00

Cap Sleeves Leotard With Mesh- Trim

Cap sleeves leotard. Neck and sleeves mesh trim. Shelf lining. . Fabri...
CA$ 64.00

Celeste. Short Sleeves Leotard

Celeste Short Sleeves Leotard. Mesh sleeves and trim. Shelf lining. . ...
CA$ 70.00

Corset Leotard

Just Beautiful! This wonderful leotard is perfect for performance wear...
CA$ 60.00

Gymnastic Leotards

Gymnastic Leotards
CA$ 32.00

Gymnastics Leotard

Sleeveless leotard Combination of printed and plain fabricsCoolmax® gu...
CA$ 37.00

Kara Lace 13" Wrap Skirt

13” wrap skirt. Kara Lace. Fabric: 60% nylon, 40% Spandex. Style: Esse...
CA$ 50.00

Kara Lace Shorts

Chloe Sleeveless Kara Lace Leotard. Open lace back and clasp. Kara Lac...
CA$ 48.00

Kara. Laced Back Zip Front Sleeveless Leotard

Zip front sleeveless leotard. Kara laced back. Fabric: 88% nylon, 12% ...
CA$ 76.00


Maillot à bretelles larges; Découpe princesse; devant plissé ajustable...
CA$ 45.00


Maillot à manches cape; Découpe princesse surpiquées; devant et dos pl...
CA$ 47.98


Maillot à manches 3/4; découpe princesse surpiquée; devant et dos plis...
CA$ 54.98

Long Sleeve Leotard

Maillot manches longues; devant doublé. Matière: 92% nylon, 8% elastha...
CA$ 36.00

Long Sleeve Unitard

Long sleeve unitard. Fabric: 100% nylon. Style: Contemporain; Jazz; Ly...
CA$ 51.98

Long Sleeves Leotard

Long sleeve ballet cut leotard features memorySTRETCH™ front lining.
CA$ 34.98

Long-Sleeved Gymnasctics Leotard

Longsleeve leotard Combination of printed and plain fabrics Coolmax® g...
CA$ 40.00

Long-Sleeved Gymnasctics Leotard

Maillot à manches longues avec combination de tissus imprimé métalliqu...
CA$ 52.00

Nadia. Leotard With Mesh

This elegant beauty makes a lovely statement piece and can be worn wit...
CA$ 76.00

Peter-Pan Collar Leotard

Maillot collet Claudine; découpe princesse; ouverture au dos. Matière:...
CA$ 50.00

Princess Strap Leotard

The Princess Strap Leotard is a classic. It features princess seams in...
CA$ 54.00

Printed Leotard

Printed leotard
CA$ 42.00

Scatter Dots Cap Sleeves Leota

Scatter dots cap sleeves leotard. Shelf lining. . Fabric: 88% Nylon, 1...
CA$ 69.00