Diamond FX Brush 8118

Diamond FX makeup Brush
CA$ 6.98

Diamond FX Brush: D0

Diamond FX makeup Brush
CA$ 4.98

Diamond FX Brush: DF-2_2

Diamond FX makeup Brush
CA$ 5.98

Diamond FX Brush: DF-4_4

Diamond FX makeup Brush
CA$ 7.98

Diamond FX Brush: SC

Diamond FX makeup Brush
CA$ 8.98

BEN NYE Foundation Brush

Excellent for application of creme-style foundations, Neutralizers, pr...
CA$ 26.98

BDELLIUM Green Bambu Complete 15pc Brush Set with Roll-up Pouch

Brushes included in this set: #980 Powder #964 AP Blusher #955 Duet Fi...
CA$ 148.50

BDELLIUM Green Bambu Foundation 4pc Brush Set

Brushes included in this set: #957 Precision Kabuki #955 Finishing #9...
CA$ 64.50

BDELLIUM Green Bambu Mineral 5pc Brush Set

Brushes included in this set: #959 Powder Blending #942 Slanted Contou...
CA$ 60.00

BDELLIUM Green Bambu Smoky Eyes 5pc Brush Set

Brushes that are included: #781 Crease #777 Shadow #769 Angled Contour...
CA$ 40.50

BDELLIUM Maestro 540 Precision Liner

Flat, firm bristles converge into a tapered tip. Ideal for lipstick & ...
CA$ 16.50

BDELLIUM Maestro 764 Bold Angled Brow

Created by popular demand, this Bold Angled Brow has wider and firmer ...
CA$ 18.00

BDELLIUM Maestro 769 Angled Contour

Sharp angled brush for contouring. Create precise color accents & high...
CA$ 19.50

BDELLIUM Maestro 780

Pencil-shaped tip allows for precise shading on the eyelid, eye crease...
CA$ 16.50

BDELLIUM Maestro 940 Face Blending

Use this brush for all your facial sculpting needs and precise blendin...
CA$ 19.50

BDELLIUM Maestro 947 Small Foundation

Ideal for creating a smooth even finish. The small dome shaped soft fi...
CA$ 24.00

BDELLIUM Maestro 990 Angled Face

This wide flat angled brush is perfectly suited for whisking powder ov...
CA$ 36.00

BDELLIUM Maestro 995 Kabuki

Offers full coverage for a wide range of makeup. Fully rounded and dom...
CA$ 39.00

BDELLIUM SFX 110 Splatter

This brush was designed to perfectly create a spray and/or splatter of...
CA$ 15.00

BDELLIUM SFX 122 Bent Glue

The angle on this brush simplifies the application of glue in all thos...
CA$ 13.50

BDELLIUM SFX 128 Bent Liner

The bent angle on this brush helps to get into areas that a straight a...
CA$ 13.50

BDELLIUM SFX 134 Medium Dagger

This is an ideal brush for creating a sharp, hard line and blending al...
CA$ 21.00

BDELLIUM SFX 136 Filbert

The Filbert brush has a rounded shape perfect for applying and blendin...
CA$ 22.50