Special FX Brushes

BDELLIUM SFX 110 Splatter

This brush was designed to perfectly create a spray and/or splatter of...
CA$ 15.00

BDELLIUM SFX 122 Bent Glue

The angle on this brush simplifies the application of glue in all thos...
CA$ 13.50

BDELLIUM SFX 128 Bent Liner

The bent angle on this brush helps to get into areas that a straight a...
CA$ 13.50

BDELLIUM SFX 134 Medium Dagger

This is an ideal brush for creating a sharp, hard line and blending al...
CA$ 21.00

BDELLIUM SFX 136 Filbert

The Filbert brush has a rounded shape perfect for applying and blendin...
CA$ 22.50

BDELLIUM SFX 153 Capillary

This brush is designed for small, capillary detailing and fine line wo...
CA$ 13.50

BDELLIUM SFX 156 Veining

Bring your creation to life. Create the most realistic veins for any f...
CA$ 16.50


This filbert, rounded brush has strategic cuts in it for adding textur...
CA$ 24.00


Creatively angled and textured for painting multiple lines in unison. ...
CA$ 27.00

BDELLIUM SFX 184 Water Color

This traditional water color style brush works fantastically with wate...
CA$ 18.00

BDELLIUM SFX 193 Small Stippling

This brush is perfect for creating a stipple effect and pointillist pa...
CA$ 21.00

BDELLIUM SFX 195 Large Stippling

This brush is an exceptionally textured stippling brush for large area...
CA$ 30.00

Body Jewels/Rhinestones

Kryolan Sparkling Rhinestone ornaments, in an assortment of colors. Se...
CA$ 12.98

K.D. 151 Extra Strength Ultra Matte Lace Adhesive - 1 oz

K.D. 151 Extra Strength Ultra Matte Lace Adhesive
CA$ 43.98